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January 4, 2013
Good Day Rotarians
We had a wonderful, tiny meeting this morning. With stomach flu, regular flu, head colds and a dark and dreary morning, it was the stalwart few who came to Rotary, and what a treat January Duty Group Member Lorraine had in store.


David T was doing great until the tummy bug knocked the stuffing (and breakfast) out of him. Margaret (who overslept) led the meeting, with Shannie’s strong voice taking us through O Canada. Margaret gave us a prayer that was a family favourite, and Steve B gave us the toast. Fatherhood at 40. Medication all round!


We bellied up to the buffet and had a breakfast chat at our tables. Then Roary came in and started off with 5 cloves of garlic, onion, carrot, toasted Indian spices, potatoes, and tomatoes, nestled around some cubed pork loin. We enjoyed the slides of beautiful competition food during breakfast and the cooking demo. Roary comes from the west coast of NL, from a family of 14. Cooking for a crowd was a daily thing in the MacPherson household. Roary told us he cooks fresh food for his family one day a week and we asked for his address. He told us about his adventures cooking in Germany, where he was told he would not get a medal, with his tiny team and Spartan facilities. But he did get a medal. We agreed we wanted Roary back in the spring to do a BBQ demo.


Then the bidding started. We were heady on spices, and teetotaler Gary Peddle was the most impacted, as he got out of the gate fast with a $150 bid, and took home a meal for four, with dessert, for $200. Wonderful!


Bruce T won the door prize and gave it to Gary P. We sang The Ode. Check out the photos of the cooking demo, Shannie and DG Tom’s sealskin fashions, and the nice crowd shot Lorraine took.http://www.clubrunner.ca/portal/Journals/JournalDetails.aspx?accountid=5591&jid=50492




Read Along is coming up on January 14th. Please sign up here to read at Goulds Elementary.


David Allison is selling Robbie Burns tickets for January 19th 7 PM for 7:30PM at the Legion is Pleasantville. With haggis, entertainment, and David in a kilt, the event is a steal at $50 per ticket.


We also discussed the Seasonal letter our outbound Rotary student Stephanie Butt sent. It sounds like her German is fluent and she is having a wonderful year.


March 1 – The Bella Vista. $75 per ticket.  No tux, no new dress, no heavy hairstyle. Laughter abounding. Doesn’t that sound fabulous? Margaret told us these details for the fundraiser event for Bannerman Park Splash Pad. She got an email after the meeting confirming the talent. We are still looking for silent auction items for our fundraiser event. Plus there will be games and the key draw, so it will be a funny, fast-paced night that will reflect our Club’s “brand”. With tables set up for 6 or 8, it should be fairly easy to sell out the 280 tickets we will print. It promises to be a unique event, and it should be an easy time for each Rotarian to sell off a table. Don’t be shy to ask Margaret how you can help.

Miriam MacLeod
Rotary Club of St John's East,
ast President, 2011-2012

December 14, 2012
Good day everyone
You may recall that there was a summary for the meeting with Brent Scrimshaw on December 7th. We had a wonderful meeting last Friday, when we celebrated Christmas and the ARAAC contributions to Choices for Youth and to our own Read Along program.



Instead of fines, members brought toothbrushes and toothpaste. There is a photo of them in the Link above, along with a lovely shot of Brent Scrimshaw taken last week. Members also left cash, which came to about $100 to purchase more of the same. I contacted the United Way and they requested that we buy 25 x $5 gift cards from Subway instead of more toothbrushes. So on the weekend, I got the cards, added them to the hygiene items and away I went at lunch and dropped them off. There was a box of stuffed socks in the office and I took a couple of photos of that little sock that is going to make someone so very pleased for Christmas.


We reveled in the Eggs Benedict plated breakfast that we received, as well as the fellowship from husbands and wives at the events. Cheryl Coleman and Cathy Newhook from Choices for Youth showed us a video of the New Leaf Community garden that opened last spring and showed us the steps they put in with the $5000 so they could access the garden. The funding came in the nick of time. The raised beds (made by Stella Burry’s social enterprise program) and seedlings turned into luscious lettuce, juicy tomatoes, and other vegetables that the clients would not normally enjoy. Cheryl told us of one young man who had over 50 foster homes and experienced a life of abuse and addiction that has left his spirit almost broken. The growing of seedlings has transformed him. He’s forever giving out apple trees, orange trees, passion fruit trees and tomato shoots. Growing vegetables has grown more than just vegetables for him – there are several rows of hope that shot up for this young man.


Pauline accepted the $5000 for Read Along that will support St. John’s schools as well as Read Alongs in Clarenville, Grand Falls Windsor, and Corner Brook. We recalled once again that Pauline is finishing up as co-ordinator and we thanked her for helping us take the program so far. Lloyd Osmond came up and gave an impassioned, impromptu speech  about Read Along and how important it is to promote reading, as most kids drop out because they do not learn to read.  Bravo David Taylor and ARAAC.

You will see a lovely photo of Shannie and Frank. Shannie has lost over 20 pounds, but she was all smiles and was very thankful for all the emails, cards and flowers that really boosted her spirits while she was feeling so ill. She said we can’t imagine how much it meant to her. It was wonderful to see her and Frank tucking in to breakfast and looking so vibrant.


There were all kinds of bottles of wine, and a card was drawn. Steve W did not win the pot that is ever-growing as the deck dwindles.


Lorraine reminded us about the Christmas hampers, which are assembled Tuesday and delivered Wednesday morning this week. We are short of delivery drivers on Wednesday morning. If you can spare 45 minutes, please come to BAE at 9 AM. As of Friday, we were short 3 drivers. It will make your Christmas. Open the time in your calendar if you can.


David reminded us that the Wedgwood Café is the site of the Family Breakfast on December 28th, 8:30 AM. Bring whatever family you wish. But let David know so he can lay enough eggs. That’s David Taylor everyone!


There is another wee photo in the slide show that depicts Santa not being naughty, but us paparazzi-types trying to make trouble. Check it out.


Merry Christmas to you and yours. Let’s have another great year of fun, fellowship and community spirit in our beloved Rotary Club of St. John’s East in 2013.

Miriam MacLeod
Rotary Club of St John's East,
Past President, 2011-2012

December 7, 2012
Good day Rotarians,


We had an energy packed meeting this morning at the Narrows. Here is the “who” and the “what” winning highlights:


Margaret delivered a very moving thanks, noting thanks for knowing our Exchange Student Aya, who gives us more compassion for the current geological disaster gripping Japan.

Bruce toasted St. Nicholas, whose birthday it was yesterday, in 1728 or some such. And he doesn’t look a day over 50!

Speaking of Birthdays, Mario turned 16 today. He taught us the phrase Happy Birthday in Spanish – maybe Felice Compleanos with a wavy line over the n? If you say it and get a slap, sorry about that.


Dion did Fines, based on us being winners, and offering winning moments. Bob’s father is 84 today. Alex’s English Rugby team won against the All Blacks, for only the 7th time. We were verbose about Alex’s winning pants. John’s kids winning marks got discussed.


Brent told us about gaming and Atlantic Lotto – they pumped in $107 million to NL last year, and it seems to be about that amount every year. ALC is a creative bunch, with unique games, and the first to go online in 2006. They are also regulated, so that they taking gaming seriously, and really try to help the players know their limits. He explained the explosive growth of online gaming, without regulation, it a detriment to our society and to the bottom line for health care, community service groups, retailers, and the struck-by-lightning winners. ALC is all about the future, which will involve more social games, and may even involve privatization. They are an attractive company, and privatization is all the rage. There were at least 5 questions, showing how important members found this presentation. It was absolutely superb – a true presentation and not reading the bullets off the slides to us. It’s always inspiring to see a great speech.


Paul Newhook won wine and an anti-scurvy kit. George drew a card once. There were a lot of announcements.
John M told us the final tally for the BAE Christmas hampers, and it was over $7300, a new club record. Past members were big supporters, and still love that project. Thank you everyone who contributed!! John, hats off to you!

·         Hamper Assembly – Dec 18 3:30 PM at BAE Gym. Hamper Deliver – Dec 19 9 AM from BAE. Please tell Lorraine if you will help. We need more delivery people. Put that in your smart phones folks!

·         United Way had requests for 1700 socks and have 500. They really find it hard to get toothpaste and toothbrushes. Please bring one of each as your fines for next week. Dig out those brushes and wee toothpaste tubes from the last dentist visit and bring them along. Or go mad at Costco!

·         Next week is Dec 14 spouse’s breakfast. We will also give $5000 to Choices for Youth and $5000 to Read Along, courtesy of the ARAAC. Google it! I can’t tell you everything in this missile.

·         Choices for Youth have a brilliant Christmas campaign. Very creative. The need is great. Check it out.http://www.choicesforyouth.ca/get-involved/christmas

·         Gordon M sent an email that his mother is home from hospital and he feels like a winner, spending time with his mother in Toronto. She turned 70 this week. Lots of December birthdays. This one must have been very moving for Gordon and his family.

·         Photos to be posted to the Clubrunner website later.

·         Feb 9 is no longer our fundraiser date. So book a trip, but be sure you are back by Early March! More details to follow.

·         I am probably forgetting something. So much going on! See you next Friday.

Miriam MacLeod

November 30, 2012
Good Day,

It was a great day to be at Rotary. We got to meet Faith, Coady and Megan, the three newest Breakfast Champions. We were all smiles listening to how much they contribute at school, their active extra curricular activities (with Boys and Girls Club, as a budding actor and getting the green belt in Tae Kwon Do). It is always a special meeting with we have the children and their moms in the room. http://7CZ.r.mailjet.com/wT0laYyz/1UpbRD/h5vnPR/www.clubrunner.ca/portal/Journals/JournalDetails.aspx

We also bought tickets (only $1) on a signed Tampa jersey from Teddy Purcell. A nice fundraising idea for the school.

It was great to almost learn a new German word from RYE student Meike from Germany. Gast was the first word and then it got a little long and complicated for us. Richard Beaton brought her, and he was glad he came too. 

The door prize was two Ice Caps tickets, which Lorraine won and gave to a Champion. Then Lisa won the card, but only drew it once. David T said we had over $112 in the pot now, so things are getting interesting.

Dear Leader, David reminded us that there was a long list of announcements. Here they are:

  • Club elections will be held in December. Please consider being a leader within the Club and becoming a Director on the Board. Nominate yourself or a worthy Rotarian next week.
  • December Duty Group is the Board. Next week is December 7 - Brent Shrimshaw, President and CEO of Atlantic Lotto. You may recall they were $10,000 sponsors of For Love and Money. Please come and listen to Brent's message. The 14th, we will hear from recipients of $10,000 from the Atlantic Automobile Recyclers Association, who gave $5000 to Read Along and $5000 to Choices for Youth. Cheryl Coleman and Cathy Newhook from CFY will be at breakfast. Please bring your significant other to this breakfast. We'll have a special menu and it should be a nice meeting. December 21 - 10 AM Santa will show up at the School Assembly at BAE. It is a lovely event and I encourage you to attend. We will not have a regular meeting, but Rotarians are invited to a breakfast chat at the Sheraton at the usual time, in the Oppidan room. December 28 is the Family Breakfast at Wedgwood Cafe. Please tell David T how many in your brood will attend. Start time is 8:30 AM.
  • December 1 - tomorrow - Christmas Party at 584 Topsail Rd. We are 3 door west of the large condo development at the lights by the Brookfield Fire Station. See you there.
  • Lorraine let us know that Rotaract is fundraising very effectively and is supporting our Hamper Project, plus Caroling for Polio Plus. They are planning an Indian dinner in the New Year for an international fundraising event.
  • Christmas Hamper – John M has had a great response and will give us a tally soon. Please let fulfill your pledges next Friday or make arrangements with John.
  • Updates - Gerry D and Shannie. John O told us Gerry is on his last month of 6 months of chemotherapy. He has a great attitude and we are all hoping for a positive result soon. Margaret told us Shannie was back in hospital last week, but got out yesterday and would love a phone call, a card or an email. She plans to make Rotary one of her first outings, once she's better. She's got quite a bit in the fridge right now, but we will check in again next week to see if a casserole or pot of soup would be welcome.

Miriam MacLeod
Rotary Club of St John's East,
Past President, 2011-2012

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