St. John's East Rotary Club


How to Become a Member

Process for the Administration of a New Member into the Rotary Club of St. John’s East

Step 1: Any member may invite a “prospect” to attend at least two regular meetings as a guest. The prospect should not be told that he/she may become a member. However, all club members must be aware that this guest may be proposed for membership. Any member with concerns about the prospect’s membership must notify the membership committee, chaired by the current club secretary.

Step 2: The sponsoring member discusses the prospect’s possible membership
with the membership committee. The committee makes inquiries and obtains feedback from the members. A classification for the prospect is determined.

Step 3: Provided the committee approves the prospect after inquiries and feedback, the sponsor may then propose membership to the prospect.

Step 4: If the prospect is interested in joining, a meeting is arranged with a member of the committee. An information form is completed. The objectives of Rotary and expectations of membership (attendance, dues, etc.) are clearly explained.

Step 5: The chair of the membership committee recommends the prospect to the Board for formal membership approval.

Step 6: The secretary updates the membership records, adds the new member’s name to the weekly attendance sheet and prepares a membership package including the Rotary pin and club button. The treasurer issues a bill for dues.

Step 7: The president contracts the new member to welcome him/her, and arranges for a time to formally introduce him/her at a club meeting and present the membership package. The new member makes a short speech.

Step 8: The new member enjoys full member privileges including the right to purchase an overpriced half-decent breakfast and complain about the coffee.
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